Like many of you, I am having a hard time with America right now. The country is at the edge of a precipice. It is the reason I am posting this letter publicly for all to read. We have two presidential candidates with entirely different values and views on how to move the country out of a global crisis. Whatever path we take will impact us, however our children will be the main bearers of our choices.

The last four years have strained relationships by bringing into question our values, the truth and common decency. Everything is politically charged. National…

Burnout in a COVID world setting in? Want to get away from it all? Perhaps a pristine beach in Thailand or the rolling hills of Tuscany will do? Yes, everyone deserves and needs time off from work and a change of scenery. However, does getting away really resolve our burnout, stress and frustration? Or is it a temporary reprieve, eventually coming home with the same baggage as before?

There is a quiet place within yourself to retreat and recharge whenever you want. When you find it, it is truly amazing.

In fact, one of the greatest leaders of the Roman…

Joshua Lory

Husband | Father of twins | Product Executive at VMware | Micro-Batch Coffee Roaster | Ex-Tech Consultant | US Veteran

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